World of ONROXX

ONROXX is founded in 2015 by a group of men who wanted to elevate men’s bracelets industry in the Netherlands.

Now, 2 years later we are selling internationally and getting our bracelets in the premium segment worldwide. In this Q&A we want to give you some inside in ONROXX.

Why do we do what we do?
We want to honour our ancestors who also wore stone jewellery. They had different reasons for wearing it on their body. Some wore it for good luck or for bravery, others for health benefits and of course most of them wore it to show their status of royalty or other degree of importance.

In this time and age the bracelet industry is putting out a lot of cheap and bad quality bracelets, with that damaging the original importance of (semi)precious stones in jewellery. The stone bracelets of our ancestors were very important pieces for them, which they cherished a great deal. We want to bring back that love that our forefathers had for their jewellery so that every men that wears ONROXX will feel the same pride and power.

What does the name ONROXX mean?
This is a question that we get asked a lot. Most people already can guess what the name ONROXX can refer to, but there is a deeper explanation of the name which is very important for us. It is however our little secret (smile). We will reveal it when the time is right.
The ONROXX logo is the letter ‘R’ which refers to ROXX. We use the logo in our sterling silver beads.

The stones that ONROXX uses are at least A-grade, what does that mean?
Just like diamonds, the semi-precious stones are graded for their quality. The key properties that define the quality are shape, color and pattern. And of course if we are talking about the price of the stones it is also very import if it’s rare or not. In order to get an A-grade stone, the raw materials are analysed. After analysing the raw stone it is divided in different parts, one part of the stone will give you a C-grade bead and the best part of the stone will give you A-grade or AAA-grade. The highest grade is the AAAAA-grade. When you use A-grade stones or higher you will get a bracelet solely made from the best parts of the raw material, the best coloration and patterns and polished to perfection.

How does ONROXX guarantee the best quality?
The bracelets are custom made in The Netherlands guaranteeing a perfect fit to your wirst. During this process there are few things that we do to insure the quality. First we select the stones that match each other in color and pattern. This way the color development in the bracelet is even. When the bracelet is finished it goes for the final check. This is the quality control process. Here we look at the sterling silver bead, the quality of the string and the tightness of the knot. When the bracelet meets our criteria it is packed, gift wrapped and shipped to the customer.

We share ancestors, now we will start honouring them.



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