Conor McGregor – 5 fashion lessons

For the people that don’t know him, this is the Notorious Conor McGregor, an Irish MMA fighter. He is the current world champion featherweight and lightweight who baffled the UFC with his talent. Except his quality to restructure a face his fashion style is just as deadly. To put it in his own words, “There are two things I really like to do and that’s whoop ass and look good”.

The man has a sophisticated swag and we’re loving it. Here are 5 style moves that we can learn from him.

His suits are custom made, just like his punches

McGregor’s suits are well tailored. Buy a fancy suit that doesn’t fit you properly and you will go down like Jose Aldo in your first attempt to be stylish. And if you are thinking that tailored suits are too expensive, think again because you can get a tailored outfit for €250 or dollar. You can ofcourse buy a suit of-the-shelf but make sure that long sleeves are corrected and your waist is tailored.

He wears the gilet like a boss

The gilet is often underappreciated by men these days. We heard it all, “it’s old-fashioned” and “you look like a waiter in it”. We are here to tell you that the gilet is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. Not only do you get a more complete look with a gilet on, there is also a practical side to it. The gilet is designed to give you a narrow waist and with that widening your shoulders. So if you are ripped like McGregor the gilet will accentuate your V-shape. If you are a few weight classes higher it will hide the extra pounds.

Plus, it looks amazing when you take off your jacket to teach some guy a lesson.

The man with the right combinations

We are going to put this sentence in bold because we see it go wrong so often. Your tie and the pochet square should not match each other exactly.

Yes, they can have somewhat the same patterns or same color range, ton-sur-ton like the French call it, but never exactly the same. It may sound like a good idea to have a similar tie and pochet, but it will definitely make your outfit look cheap. We also advise to avoid wearing shiny pochet with a shiny suit. You will be shining too much and probably will look like a pimp.

Protect your chin

Have you ever asked yourself why McGregor looks this rough? His gladiator body will have something to do with it, maybe the tattoo of a giant gorilla eating a men’s heart plays a roll. But let’s not forget his facial hair. Strong jaws suggest physical power. We learned that by looking at our ancestors the Australopithecus who had developed strong and massive jaws through fighting.

McGregor’s beard gives him this caveman look and accentuates his strong jaws. Which by the way, and this is scientifically proven, is found very attractive by our females. The beard trend is somewhat over now, but real men don’t follow trends they make them!

You are the show

Most important thing that we can learn from this guy is how he wears his outfit. He wears it with self-confidence and pride. This is something that you cannot buy in the store. There are a lot of men that dress sharp, but somehow only those who are confident will get everybody’s attention.


We want to end this blog by saying that McGregor is by far the best dressed fighter in the world. If it was up to us he would get a world championship title for this category too.


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