Elite Blue Tiger | 10mm blue Tiger’s Eye with silver

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Created with natural blue Tiger’s Eye and finished off with our signature silver bead. These stones play with light so enjoy the lightshow.

  • Stones – 10 mm Blue Tiger’s Eye (A-grade), high quality stones with beautiful dark blue color with sometimes brown/yellow patterns.
  • Bead – A massive 925 sterling silver bead with our logo. We use the finest silver available.
  • Cord – The bracelet is strang with two elastic cords for an extra secure and tight fit. The elastic cord is one of the best quality cords in the world manufactured in Los Angeles, USA. Very durable and does not lose his tightness.
  • Packaging – Luxurious box and a silk pouch. We giftwrap all of our items.

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Rough Onyx

The all-seeing and all-knowing eye, is how ancient Egyptians used to call this stone. Tiger’s Eye is a special kind of quartz. It is a ‘ pseudomorph’, which means that this stone is transformed to quartz from a different type of mineral, named Crocidolite. This is a fibrous blue mineral and the transformation to Tiger’s Eye begins when quartz slowly becomes embedded between the fibers of Crocidolite, eventually replacing completely the original fibrous shape.

During the ‘ pseudomorph’ transformation process, materials that contain more iron oxide result in brownish/yellow Tiger’s Eye. Less iron and less oxidation tends towards the original blue color of Crocidolite.

Legend has it, that wearing Tige’s Eye will give you clarity and concentration. In modern times people say that it will help you with running your business because it helps you to keep a clear and healthy mind.

The quality of the stones (the grade) is determined by 3 elements, the color, the shape and the pattern. Every raw stone, like you see in the picture, is examined for the best parts with the most beautiful pattern and/or color, those parts are cut for the highest quality of beads.

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  1. magnifico

    Adoro il mio braccialetto


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