Premium Gold | 8mm Obsidian with gold

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The golden Obsidian and the golden square bead are made for each other. The golden shine is captured inside the stones to decorate your wrist.

  • Stones – 8 mm Golden Obsidian (AAAAA-grade), highest quality stones with beautiful dark color and golden shine.
  • Bead – A massive ‘18K gold plated’ 925 sterling silver bead with our logo. We use the finest silver and gold available.
  • Cord – The bracelet is strang with two elastic cords for an extra secure and tight fit. The elastic cord is one of the best quality cords in the world manufactured in Los Angeles, USA. Very durable and does not lose his tightness.
  • Packaging – Luxurious box and a silk pouch. We giftwrap all of our items.

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Rough Onyx

The name Obsidian is derived from ‘Obsius’. This is the name of the Roman who found an obsidian in Ethiopia in ancient times. In the Stone Age this stone was very desirable because of the sharp edges you could make by breaking it. Our ancestors used it for making knifes and other weapons to hunt and protect themselves.

Obsidian is formed when lava is cooled quickly after the eruption. This means that you can find Obsidian only near a volcano. According to ancient people, Obsidian brings to its wearer the energy of Earth, thus strengthening his spirit and healing his body.

The quality of the stones (the grade) is determined by 3 elements, the color, the shape and the pattern. Every raw stone, like you see in the picture, is examined for the best parts with the most beautiful pattern and/or color, those parts are cut for the highest quality of beads.