Black Metal | Set of 8mm Onyx with silver beads

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  • Stones – 8 mm Onyx (A-grade) and Hematite, high quality stones with beautiful deep black color and incredible shine.
  • Bead – 925 sterling silver bead with our logo. We use the finest silver and gold available.
  • Cord – The bracelet is strang with a thick black elastic cords for an extra secure and tight fit. The elastic cord is one of the best quality cords in the world manufactured in Los Angeles, USA. Very durable and does not lose his tightness.
  • Packaging – Luxurious box and a silk pouch. We giftwrap all of our items.

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Rough Onyx

The black Onyx can be found in Uruguay and bordering regions of Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Madagascar and Peru. This mineral is formed in gas cavities of lava.

Onyx is the Greek word for fingernail. The myth of the origin of Onyx says that the goddess Venus was sleeping on the banks of the Indus River when Cupid shot an arrow and broke few of her nails. Since no part of a goddess can die, her nails sank to the river bottom and were metamorphosed into Onyx.

Throughout history, Onyx has been thought to bring powers of protection and defensive magic. The head of the god Mars or the figure of the hero Hercules were engraved in Onyx and carried for courage.

The quality of the stones (the grade) is determined by 3 elements, the color, the shape and the pattern. Every raw stone, like you see in the picture, is examined for the best parts with the most beautiful pattern and/or color, those parts are cut for the highest quality of beads.

2 reviews for Black Metal | Set of 8mm Onyx with silver beads

  1. Service is great

    After 3 months I broke the elastic, these guys repaired it for free.

    Jörg P.

  2. bracelets

    beaux bracelets


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